Mukukuzvi Creative Hub is a home of creative young youths with different creative skills, talents and delivers this through an all-inclusive workspace with an inspirational motive to create entrepreneurship methods founded by three young Zimbabwean gentlemen to help to exploit various talents in the country. Mukukuzvi creative hub operates to connect people and organisations with talent, ideas and resources so that they can achieve their goals. It is a first ever youth driven creative hub in Zimbabwe owned and operated, offering flexible workspace.

Who we are?

It is a dynamic digital marketing agency situated in Gweru that offers an extensive range of marketing services to business. The company is love with fresh business ideas and this also drives our passion to launch our own products that add value to people and society .We provide integrated service to enhance your online marketing return and the top line. Our products and services are modern, sound and coherent and this is how we remain effective .We strongly believed that our success is intertwined with the success of business and people we serve. Hence we understand your requirements and infuse our interaction with innovative concepts around strategy, technology and creative design. By adopting this who and how approach we turn your distinct needs into digital reality.


To be recognized for our contribution to the digital economy and for value we bring to businesses and society.


To enable businesses to grow by using our effective digital marketing services.

Our Team


Mufaro Ruzvidzo


Melusi Chiripowako

Born Melusi Chiripowako in Chitungwiza 20 years back, Ray Vines started doing his short videos, or vines, in April 2018 and has so far produced more than 70 some of which have gone viral on social media.